American Lawn Mower Bent Grass Light Push Reel Mower

by lars on January 28, 2010

This 7 blade push reel mower has extra cutting surfaces, which makes it perfect for creeping grasses that grow low to the ground. The extra blades do a more thorough job of cutting down these thick grasses, but they also generate extra friction and will be tougher to push than other models.

This mower gives a wide variety of cutting height choices and is built out of extra-durable 1 inch thick torsion bar. The 16 inch cutting area is much smaller than other mowers – this means that the mower can be easier to push, but can also take about 40% longer to cut the same yard as a 20 inch mower.

Technical details:

Cutting Width: 16 inch
Weight: 27 lbs
Wheel diameter: 10 inch composite wheels with radial tires
Minimum cutting height: 0.5 inch
Maximum cutting height: 2.25 inch
Height increments: 7 different settings
Handle: Powder coated, with cushion grips
Ball bearing wheels: Yes
Manufactured in: China/USA
MSRP: $139


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