Brill Razorcut 33 push reel mower

by lars on February 1, 2010

This is a sleek, light weight and precision engineered mower. From the moment you open the box (with custom made cardboard inserts that fit the mower perfectly), you’ll realize this isn’t the usual piece of lawn gear. It’s a very smooth operator.

The Brill Razor Cut 33 works very well on fine, feathery lawns like those found in Germany, New England, and the Pacific Northwest. This mower is not recommended for St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Bermuda Grass (these grasses are commonly found in the Southern US).

Brill mowers show a lot of attention to detail. The mowing area on the Razorcut 33 is much smaller than other models, which means that it takes less effort to push but can take longer to mow with. 13 inches is also small enough to fit into very tight spots where other mowers wont fit (ie; between trees or along narrow lanes of grass).

Technical details:

  • Cutting Width: 33 cm (about 13 inches)
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 8 inches
  • Minimum cutting height: 0.7 inch
  • Maximum cutting height: 1.8 inch
  • Handle: Loop design, with cushioned foam grip
  • Ball bearing wheels: Yes
  • Manufactured in: Germany
  • MSRP: $239
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