Sunlawn LMM40

by lars on February 3, 2010

The 16 inch Sunlawn LMM40 reel mower is built to handle all kinds of grass, with 5 flame hardened blades that are equally suited for Zoysia or Bluegrass. The Sunlawn LMM 40 mower has Chinese quality assembly, and is built for rough use. The 16 inch blades are smaller than some lawnmower blades, so it can take longer to mow with but the mower is also easier to use in many situations because there’s less friction from mowing. The small push mower can also fit into tight corners and reduces the amount of weedwhacking that’s needed.

Technical details:

  • Cutting Width: 16 inch
  • Weight: 19.3 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 9 inches
  • Minimum cutting height: 0.4 inch
  • Maximum cutting height: 2.2 inch
  • Handle: full length handle with foam grip
  • Ball bearing wheels: Yes
  • Manufactured in: China
  • MSRP: $179
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    matt speer September 4, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    I bought this mower about 5 years (mowing seasons) ago and have never had a good experience with it. It has been poor from the start. It is built too lightly, has never cut grass well and now needs replacing (or major repair) even though I have a very small lot with little yard. I bought it assembled and I believe it had been done properly. Despite being billed as not needing sharpening very frequently I took it back to the hardware store where I bought it for a “tune up” including a resharpening after 3 seasons it was doing so poorly. At some point I discovered that if I grabbed the handle lower down and put downward pressure on the mower while pushing it forward it helped keep the wheels from sliding over the lawn and thereby kept the reel blades spinning properly. This made it more effective but also more difficult to use. My wife wanted to replace it after the first time or two she used it but I’ve soldiered on for a couple of more years in the name of frugality. Luckily for me the drive gears seem to be almost completely stripped now (my guess based upon the wheels turning but the reel not) so it no longer “kinda” works…. it just plain doesn’t work at all now. My only concession is that my lawn is challenging due to plenty of weeds but nothing extreme.


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